IPos CCTV/POS Interface

Loss Prevention Programs The IPos system allows management to more efficiently supervise POS activity and to identify and reduce shrinkage due to theft, poor training, cashier errors, etc. The system connects to the store’s POS system. It collects ALL of the store’s transactions in an industry-standard database, thus allowing any transaction to be easily identified and reviewed.

Non-technical auditors can use our easy-to-use data analysis tools to review suspect transactions and quickly resolve any discrepancies. IPos is the premier system of its type. It clarifies POS transactions and helps management to more efficiently supervise its cashiers and make significant improvements to the “bottom line”.

Advanced CCTV/POS Monitoring

· Combines POS data from both text files and “live” data streams with CCTV video.
· JavaTM based XML POS data parser speeds implementation and deployment
· User configurable search criteria with easy-to-use dynamic query builder
· Microsoft SQL ServerTM database
· Database architecture consistent with the ARTSTM retail database model
· Windows based GUI screens
· Displays both transactions and individual line items in real-time
Loss Prevention Programs
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This GeoVision software system is highly dependable and great on recording function and low on upkeep. Hence, GeoVision is the leading name to consider as far as the security and surveillance systems for various industries are concerned. Opt for their world-class products to make your environment safe from all angles!


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