About StoreVision North America

StoreVision North America StoreVision-North America is a dynamic market leader, providing successful solutions to retailers in reducing their internal shrinkage.

StoreVision-North America was founded in 2005 to provide retailers with the IPos system and solutions, tailored to successfully address growing internal shrinkage of retailers.

The core philosophy is to provide retailers with a turn-key solution, which includes both the IPos system installed at site, and transaction audit service provided by us as outsourced service.

Retailers using our solution will experience a consistent and persistent reduction in total shrinkage, a direct net profit improvement. The IPos solution has been proven in various retail formats, including pharmacies, convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, specialty stores, and department stores.

Internal shrinkage is a growing challenge for retailers, now accounting for 55-60% of the total shrinkage. Fully integrating transaction data and CCTV video images, the IPos solution successfully filters out all “high-risk” transactions, allows for quick review and identification of transaction shrinkage, and reporting to retail management.

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