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About StoreVision

A surveillance software industry leader since 2004

Why Choose StoreVision?

Most retailers have CCTV systems. Does yours:

  • Cover 100% of the selling floor, preparation, receiving, and exterior areas?
  • Use your own store-level data to index the video for management purposes?
  • Have camera scene designs that are useful for POS transaction auditing and management?

StoreVision implements results-driven systems and services to address these concerns and more

Our Company

StoreVision is an image and data technology company, headquartered in the United States. We provide retailers with a unique business process operations management system that includes point-of-sale monitoring/auditing and liability remediation reports to reduce retail losses and increase revenue. StoreVision’s unique system is deployed throughout supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, fashion retailers, pharmacies, and home-improvement stores worldwide.


Our Solution

Our proprietary software, StoreCtrl, combines retail data streams with live CCTV video, allowing auditors to create evidence-based reports of process errors and fraudulent activity. StoreCtrl leverages existing video, store data, and retailers' staff to expand real-time monitoring to more than just point-of-sale.

Our Expertise

StoreVision was founded in 2004 by a team of experienced retail security professionals who were either formerly employed by major retailers or formerly supplied retailers with technology to reduce retail shrink.