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Barry Katz

Barry Katz

Chief Executive Officer • Connect on LinkedIn

Barry is the originator of point-of-sale and video image integration, starting in 1980 with the TVS interface, which provided live point-of-sale data inserted into video. Barry developed and held patents on systems that used data from POS, Access Control, and Toll Collection systems to index recorded video. Barry founded Controlled Access, CATechnology, Data Based Security, and was one of the founders of StoreVision Europe. In 2004, Barry co-founded StoreVision North America. He is a foremost expert in employing point-of-sale data technology.

International Products:

  • Transaction Verification Systems (TVS)
  • DBS Concourse, sold by AT&T
  • CentraScan 6000, sold by ADT
  • POSEM, sold by Sensormatic
  • Viewpoint, sold by Checkpoint
  • DBS Video Transaction Monitor, sold by MFS, Adesta, and CUBIC Systems
  • StoreCtrl, sold by StoreVision Group and StoreVision North America
Ethan Katz

Ethan Katz

Chief Technology Officer • Connect on LinkedIn

Ethan has been with StoreVision NA since 2007. He oversees and executes all of the StoreCtrl and DVR applications installation, implementation, and certification. He provides support and maintenance for all of the states where StoreVision NA has customers. He also oversees the custom builds of DVR units to maximize storage and operational efficiency to meet each client's needs.

Ron Frey

Ron Frey

Chief Operations Officer • Connect on LinkedIn

Ron has been with StoreVision NA since 2013. He spearheads the systems and infrastructure design and oversees the installation and implementation. He also provides the service and support of the systems. He is a veteran project manager who has executed camera installations globally.

Alfonso de la Parra del Valle

Alfonso de la Parra del Valle

Managing Director, StoreVision Mexico • Connect on LinkedIn

Alfonso has worked in transaction processing since 1992, specializing in transaction auditing and data mining. He has identified and defined system requirements for industries, Intelligent Surveillance Systems, and others. He has been involved in many large managerial projects and supervised the performance of large groups of people in multiple ways, from operational to result-oriented activities. He is a certified project manager. He founded Integravías in Mexico and Integravías in Panama, both systems installation companies, and also Tecnosistemas y Peaje.